Washington DC, 11 November 2022 (TDI): The United States (US) Midterm elections took place on 8 November. Candidates contesting the elections were from different states.

The success of Pakistani-American candidates has also been recorded in the elections. Salman Bhojani has been elected as a Texas legislator in the General Election State House district.

He belongs to the Democratic Party and secured 57% votes. He defeated Joe Livingston of the Republican party, who scored 43% votes.

Salman Bhojani was a former member of the City Council of Euless, Texas, and the first Muslim to hold office in Euless. Yet again he has been elected as the first Muslim and South Asian to hold the office.

Moreover, Dr. Suleman Lalani has been elected as a member of the Texas House of Representatives from Fort Bend County, Texas. He belongs to the Democratic Party and secured 57.2% votes in the midterm elections.

In the history of Texas, two Muslim candidates, Dr. Suleman Lalani and Salman Bhojani have been elected as the state representatives, by the people.

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In addition to it, Dr. Saud Anwar from Connecticut has been elected as the State Senator for the third time. He belongs to the Democratic Party and was previously the mayor of South Windsor, Connecticut from 2013-2015.

US Election Results

The complete result of the US midterm elections is still unclear due to a number of reasons. The process of announcing the complete result can take time due to close margins between candidates.

Overall, 47% of US voters (112.34 million) participated in the recent elections which is less than the turnout of the 2018 midterm elections.

42 million voters cast their vote through early voting by mail before November 8. This early voting by mail is one of the factors for the delayed results in the elections.

The states where results have been clearly projected include Connecticut and Texas where Pakistani-American candidates have won the majority and made history in the midterm elections.