Islamabad, 4 July 2023 (TDI): Pakistan extends warm greetings to the United States of America on the occasion of their 247th Independence Day. The diplomatic ties between the two nations have fostered collaboration and mutual support in various areas.


Since establishing diplomatic relations in 1947, Pakistan and the United States have worked closely on a range of issues, including energy, trade and investment, health, clean energy, counterterrorism, and Afghanistan stabilization.

The collaboration between Pakistan and the United States in countering terrorism stands as a significant aspect of their relationship.

Both nations have joined forces to combat this global menace, recognizing the importance of peace and stability. Their unwavering commitment has yielded tangible results, disrupting terrorist networks and promoting regional security.

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Economic cooperation is another strong pillar of the Pakistan-U.S. relationship. The United States is one of Pakistan’s major trading partners, and efforts have been made to enhance bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

Collaborative initiatives in sectors such as agriculture, energy, technology, and infrastructure development hold the potential to drive economic growth and create employment opportunities.

Ambassador Donal Blome’s Message of Friendship and Partnership

On the occasion of Independence Day, Donal Blome, the American Ambassador, conveyed his greetings and highlighted the ties that bind the two countries. “Hello and happy 4th of July! Today on America’s independence day, Americans around the world celebrate our freedom and our independence.

Here in Pakistan, we also celebrate the ties that bind our peoples and countries, including the U.S. Missions’ commitment to working with our Pakistani partners to address shared challenges through the U.S.-Pakistan Green Alliance Framework. Together, let’s work toward a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.”

The longstanding and cordial bilateral relations provide a solid foundation for further collaboration between Pakistan and the United States. Both nations are eager to strengthen their ties and work towards shared prosperity and development.

As Pakistan wishes the United States a joyous Independence Day celebration, it reaffirms its commitment to deepening the friendship and cooperation between the two nations. Pakistan and the United States can tackle shared challenges, promote peace, and create a more sustainable and prosperous future.