Islamabad, 25 May 2023 (TDI): Atadjan Movlamov, the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Pakistan and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, met with the Coordinator to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Commerce and Industry, Rana Ihsan Afzal Khan to foster closer ties between the two brotherly countries and explore avenues for mutual collaboration.

Muhammad Asif Noor, Chairman of Global Business Alliance, also joined the session, contributing valuable insights to the discussions.

Enovy Movlamov and Premier Coordinator Rana Ihsan discussed the TAPI Pipeline’s pivotal role in strengthening the friendship bonds between Turkmenistan and Pakistan during their session.

They explored avenues to deepen cooperation, promote trade and investment, and capitalize on the pipeline project’s vast opportunities, realizing the immense potential of this strategic partnership.

Diplomat Movlamov commended Pakistan’s unwavering support and devotion to honoring the TAPI Pipeline, describing it as an illustration of friendship and teamwork.

He expressed his optimism regarding the positive impact the project will have on the region, creating opportunities for economic development, job creation, and energy security.

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Premier Coordinator Rana Ihsan Afzal Khan underscored Pakistan’s deep-rooted commitment to fostering regional harmony and cooperation. He stressed the importance of leveraging the TAPI Pipeline to strengthen ties and build enduring partnerships between the participating countries.

Rana Ihsan further emphasized the potential for enhanced trade, investment, and cultural exchange opportunities that would arise due to increased interdependency.

Premier Coordinator Khan highlighted the significance of bilateral cooperation. He stated that Pakistan and Turkmenistan share a long-standing history of brotherly relations. The TAPI Pipeline represents a new chapter in our partnership, opening doors for increased collaboration and economic growth. We are committed to strengthening our ties and leveraging this opportunity to create shared prosperity for our people.

As the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador Atadjan Movlamov conveyed his gratitude to the government and the people of Pakistan for their continuous support, hospitality, and camaraderie.

He expressed confidence that the bilateral cooperation between Turkmenistan and Pakistan will continue to thrive, bringing about mutual prosperity and contributing to the overall stability and peace in the region.

The long-awaited TAPI Pipeline is set to become a beacon of energy stability in South Asia, fostering interdependency among nations and bolstering regional stability, security, and peace.

The TAPI Pipeline, a historic initiative spanning over 1,800 kilometers, promises to transform South Asia by boosting energy security, fostering economic integration, reducing hostilities, and nurturing peace in the region by meeting Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India’s energy demands.

The project strives to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth in the countries involved by linking them through a unified energy corridor.