Islamabad, 6 October 2023 (TDI): Iftikhar Rao, Pakistan’s Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Maritime Affairs, progressed towards the accession of the “Hong Kong Convention for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of Ships 2009″, on October 5.

A 2009 diplomatic meeting in Hong Kong, China, resulted in the adoption of the Hong Kong Convention.

Its goal is to make sure that when ships are recycled after their operating life is through, there are no needless dangers to the environment, human health, or safety.

During the meeting, they emphasized how Pakistan has been at the forefront of ship recycling since the 1980s, with Gaddani emerging as a significant global shipbreaking site.

However, the industry has faced challenges related to environmental sustainability and worker safety over the years.

The accession procedure, which is now nearing completion, is being led by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

Federal, provincial, and corporate players have largely agreed to support Pakistan’s ratification of the Hong Kong Convention, with wide acceptance of the advantages it will bring to the ship recycling sector.

They also emphasized in the meeting that despite significant progress in this regard, there are still a few stakeholders who have not yet given their consent for accession.

This commitment, driven by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and backed by stakeholders, pushes Pakistan’s sector in the direction of becoming safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly.

He emphasized the difficulties facing businesses in ensuring worker safety and environmental sustainability, and he referred to Pakistan’s ratification of the Hong Kong Convention as an important step in securing the future of industry.

The conference received information that there has been widespread support for the admission among all stakeholders, and there is universal recognition of the benefits for the ship recycling industry.

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In order to address their concerns and assure a unifying commitment to this crucial endeavor, the administration is actively involving all stakeholders.

At the conclusion of the meeting, attendees agreed that Pakistan’s progress towards official membership bolsters its standing as an ethical player in global ship recycling, with a strong emphasis on safety, sustainability, and transparency.

Iram Anjum Khan, the Secretary of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, and other top Ministry of Maritime personnel were present during the meeting.