Karachi, 23 March 2022 (TDI): Pakistan Navy along with the office of Customs Collectorate Gwadar seized narcotics in an intelligence-based joint operation at sea. Approximately 3000 Kgs of narcotics have been seized off Balochistan Coast.

The seized narcotics amounted to approximately 750 million rupees. Subsequently, the captured drugs were handed over to customs for further legal proceedings.

The successful execution of intelligence-based joint operation is an apposite demonstration of the resolve of the Pakistan Navy to prevent as well as disrupt unlawful activities in the maritime zone of Pakistan.

The primary objective of the Pakistan Navy is to assure the defense of the sea lines of communication of Pakistan along with safeguarding the maritime interests of Pakistan. This latest operation is an epic example of the Pakisan Navy’s prowess at sea.

This is achieved by the implementation of national policies via the exercise of military effect as well as diplomatic and humanitarian activities. Aside from operational readiness, the Pakistan Navy also conducts humanitarian rescue operations.

In addition, the Pakistan Navy participates in international task forces mandated by the United Nations (UN) for the prevention of seaborne terrorism along with privacy off the coastal frontiers.

The Pakistan Navy has several cadres including the Marines, Naval Aviation, and the Maritime Security Agency (PMSA). Moreover, Pakistan Navy has been playing a significant role in cognizance of Pakistan’s geo-strategic location in Indian Ocean.

Pakistan Navy promotes regional maritime security along the northern shores of the Indian Ocean and at the convergence of three important regions namely the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia.