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Pakistan Mango Festival in China


Shanghai, 6 August 2021 (TDI): Consulate General Shanghai and Shanghai Hongqiao International Import Commodity Exhibition and Trade Co.(HQIICET) organized the Pakistan Mango festival in Shanghai and Suzhou which lasted for 2 days. The festival featured the serving of fresh Pakistani mangoes, mango juice, and mango ice cream.

The staff from HQIICET reported that the 500 kg Chaunsa mangoes being featured in the festival were sent directly from Multan to Pudong Airport.

The consul general of Pakistan Consulate general Shanghai Hussain Haider also attended the event. Haider in his speech underlined the latest developments in the Pakistani Mango industry and mentioned that the activities being carried out during the event including mango tasting, trade negotiation, live streaming interaction, and cultural promotion will build a solid framework for Pakistan Mango industry in China.

Haider also appreciated the efforts of HQIICET in arranging such a festival and bringing the two cultures closer.

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