Pakistan, 6 June 2023 (TDI): Foreign Minister of Pakistan Bilawal Bhutto Zardari met with the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sheikh Dr. Hamoudi and discussed various ways to enhance bilateral cooperation, especially in enhancing trade and investment. The discussions focused on efforts for peace and stability of the region and beyond.

With a focus on trade, business, and the advancement of peace and stability in the area and beyond, Pakistan and Iraq have recently made important efforts to strengthen their bilateral cooperation. There is a lot of potential for diplomatic cooperation and economic progress as a result of these two countries closer ties.

The core of the expanded bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and Iraq is trade and investment. Both nations are aware of the enormous advantages that can result from increasing trade interactions.

In order to do this, they have taken a number of measures to promote commerce, including the signing of several trade agreements and the creation of collaborative business councils. These steps are intended to speed up trade in products, services, and investments between the two countries, creating the foundation for mutual economic growth and development.

Both nations hope to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of their own cultures, traditions, and ways of life by encouraging such contacts. This strategy not only deepens the relationships between Pakistani and Iraqi citizens but also advances the region’s larger goal of fostering peace and stability.

An essential component of the bilateral relationship between both countries is the emphasis on peace and stability. Both countries have faced considerable difficulties with security and stability, and they understand the value of working together to address these problems.

They can support one another in the fight against terrorism, extremism, and other security challenges by cooperating, exchanging useful insights, and sharing best practices.

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Furthermore, Pakistan and Iraq are aware of the complicated connections between regional stability and international security. They have continuously pushed for amicable settlements of disputes and backed global initiatives to keep the area stable.

Both nations can raise their voices and contribute to the settlement of regional conflicts by working together on diplomatic fronts like the United Nations and other international forums, thereby fostering peace outside of their own boundaries.

The improved trade, investment, and pursuit of peace and stability cooperation between Pakistan and Iraq has great promise for both countries as well as the larger region.

Pakistan and Iraq are developing closer ties that benefit their respective communities and advance regional and international peace through increased economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, and cooperative efforts to address security problems.

Their cooperation demonstrates their dedication to promoting their mutual well-being and a peaceful and secure future.