Budapest, 3 May 2023 (TDI): Pakistan’s Ambassador to Hungary, Asif Memon, met with Habil István Erős, the Rector of the University of Fine Arts Hungary.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss various opportunities for collaboration between Pakistan and the university.

The two also explored ways to enhance university-to-university cooperation between Pakistan and Hungary in the fields of arts, culture, and tourism.

Pakistan is a country of young people, with almost 64% of the population being youth. This makes Pakistan a potential powerhouse of talent and innovation, with the opportunity to harness the energy and creativity of its young population for cultural and social development.

During the meeting, the Ambassador expressed his appreciation for Hungarian art and underlined the potential benefits that can be achieved by collaboration between both countries.

He also highlighted the significance of cross-cultural exchange programs that can help promote a better understanding between the people of both countries, resulting in strong people-to-people ties.

Student and faculty exchange programs were also on the table during the meeting. The meeting’s agenda encompassed the exploration of avenues for cooperation aimed at promoting tourism and knowledge, which can have a transformative impact through joint efforts.

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The Rector Erős conveyed his gratitude for the warm welcome by the Pakistan embassy. The Rector expressed his optimism about the potential collaborations between the two countries and highlighted the importance of such partnerships in fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

He also acknowledged the Ambassador’s remarks and expressed their interest in strengthening cultural ties between Hungary and Pakistan. They discussed potential future cooperation and initiatives that can further enhance cultural exchange between the two nations.

In the end, Ambassador Asif Memon thanked István Erős and the University of Fine Arts for their visit and expressed his hope that the discussions would lead to concrete collaborations and partnerships between Pakistan and Hungary in the arts and culture sectors.