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Pakistan and Turkey have strong bilateral ties, Foreign Minister


Antalya, Turkey: 19 June 2021- (TDI):   Pakistan Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi in his interview to Anadolu Agency talked about Pakistan Turkey Bilateral ties said “Whether it’s the Turkish armed forces, the Turkish foreign office, the Turkish political leadership, we hold very pleasant ties”. He said that Pakistan acknowledges an important Turkish role in NATO.

Foreign Minister said that Turkey is a great regional power. Both countries have a high level of engagement at all levels.  He has also shared that during his meeting with the President and the Turkish Foreign Minister there were discussions on how to counter Islamophobia together and other issues of bilateral nature.  Shah Mahmood Qureshi said there’s a rising drift of abhorring discourse, segregation, and targeting of Muslims within the West. Turkey and Pakistan collectively feel that we ought to combat this developing danger.

Highlighting the importance of economic ties, Foreign Minister said that we have a new financial system that was put into place when President Erdogan went to Pakistan last time.  We have presented this high-level interview instrument and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan will be going by Turkey for this issue,” he added. On the Gwadar harbor extend in southern Pakistan, he said it’ll be the briefest course for landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asian republics to reach the sea. “There may be a tremendous potential for Gwadar to gotten to be a center of the financial movement,” he said, welcoming Turkish financial specialists to contribute in extraordinary financial zones that are being created along the economic corridor. The $64 billion mega-project marked in 2014 points to put through China’s deliberately imperative northwestern Xinjiang area to the Gwadar harbor through a arrange of streets, railroads, and pipelines to transport cargo, oil, and gas. Economic corridors will not only allow China to enter Africa and the Middle East at cheaper prices but will also bring billions of dollars in transit capacity to Pakistan, the world’s second-largest economy.

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