Islamabad, 6 June 2023 (TDI): The 8th Bilateral Political Consultation (BPC) between Pakistan and Poland took place in Islamabad yesterday.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland, Wojciech Gerwel, assumed co-chairmanship, while Ambassador Muhammad Saleem, the Additional Foreign Secretary for Europe, headed the Pakistani delegation during the BPC. The Ambassador of Poland to Pakistan also participated in the consultations.

This BPC was arranged to discuss issues of mutual interest between both countries and to enhance the pre-existing bilateral ties. Both countries reaffirmed their commitment to further strengthen their cooperation in various sectors, including trade, energy, and investment.

The two sides also agreed to intensify their collaboration in the fields of defense, higher education, agriculture, and dairy. Furthermore, the importance of people-to-people exchanges was discussed, and in this regard, the suggestion of easing the visa procedure was also considered to promote mutual understanding and friendship between both nations.

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World politics and regional issues were also reviewed and the need for cooperation and dialogue was emphasized. The two countries agreed to work together to address common challenges such as climate change, terrorism, and economic inequality.

An agreement was signed after the BPC concluded to provide an exemption from visas for diplomatic and official passport holders. Both countries welcomed this move, as it would facilitate greater interaction and cooperation between officials.

This agreement was signed at the office of the Ministry of Interior between Foreign Minister Gerwel and Additional Secretary Muhammad Asad Islam Mahni.

Pakistan and Poland have been strategic partners for a very long time and have always provided facilitation on the international level to each other at different forums. Both countries share a history of 60 years of bilateral relations, and this agreement was signed to celebrate and strengthen this longstanding friendship.

The BPC was a great success and portrayed a positive image of both countries in the international arena. The next round of BPC will be held in Warsaw in 2024. This kind of consultation paves the way toward a shared prosperous world and should be appreciated.