Baghdad, 5 June 2023 (TDI): Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, met with the Foreign Minister of Iraq, Fuad Hussein, in which both signed MoUs for cooperation on culture and public diplomacy.

This meeting was arranged earlier today while he is on an official visit for two days. The visit started today and is supposed to end on June 7.

Bhutto Zardari arrived today in Iraq and was received by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iraq at the airport. Foreign Minister Zardari’s visit to Iraq is taking place at the invitation of both the Deputy Foreign Minister and the Foreign Minister of Iraq.

During this delegation-level meeting, both counterparts agreed to explore effective ways to enhance bilateral cooperation and strengthen historical brotherly ties between both countries. Pakistan and Iraq have a shared history of cordial ties, and this visit will play an important role in ensuring continuity.

Both Foreign Ministers signed two MoUs during the meeting, including one to enhance cultural cooperation and public diplomacy, while the other stated the abolition of visas on diplomatic and official passports.

Pakistan and iraq meets to foster brotherly ties
Foreign Ministers of Iraq and Pakistan signing MoUs

After the meeting, both Foreign Ministers addressed the joint press conference. Taking to the press, both officials not only reaffirmed the diplomatic ties between both countries but also confirmed their commitment to taking them to the next level.

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Furthermore, they expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting and their optimism for the future of the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Iraq.

The public in both countries already has a soft spot for each other due to religious affiliations, and this meeting will serve to solidify that.

The two countries have a lot to offer each other, and this meeting was a step in the right direction toward realizing their full potential. Pakistan has expertise in agriculture, textiles, and pharmaceuticals, while Iraq has vast oil reserves. By working together, they can create a win-win situation for both countries.