Dhaka, 5 May 2023 (TDI): Imran Ahmed Siddiqui, High Commissioner of Pakistan to Bangladesh, recently met with Sameer Sattar, President of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), to examine the two countries’ unrealized economic partnership prospects.

The meeting aimed to find innovative ways to expand trade connections and foster mutually beneficial economic collaboration between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

During the conversation, High Commissioner Siddiqui and President Sattar expressed their mutual desire to strengthen bilateral trade and investment relations between the two countries.

They discussed the importance of identifying new opportunities and sectors for increased trade and investment flows.

The High Commissioner reiterated Pakistan’s determination to forge solid commercial links with Bangladesh. He emphasized the potential benefits of enhanced engagement between the two countries.

Siddiqui also stressed the significance of a comprehensive plan to enhance trade and investment in critical areas. Contrarily, President Sattar expressed hope for further commercial ties between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Both countries’ spokespersons recognized the essence of creating a conducive environment for trade and investment, including removing trade barriers and establishing a predictable and transparent regulatory framework.

They also discussed the necessity of promoting direct contact between the private sectors of the two nations and facilitating the interchange of business delegations.

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The meeting between the High Commissioner for Pakistan and the President of DCCI is a crucial step forward in the ongoing efforts to develop bilateral commercial connections between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It highlights the two countries’ shared commitment to exploring new areas of collaboration and promoting regional economic growth and development.

Pakistan and Bangladesh have long shared cultural, social, and economic links. The current surge in commercial cooperation between the two countries will benefit both nations.

The tremendous opportunity for trade and investment represents an exciting future for both countries to achieve their financial goals and create greater prosperity for their citizens.

As the two countries try to strengthen their economic links, the chances for a more robust political partnership grow. It will help the region develop more impressively and contribute to regional stability.

The High Commission of Pakistan in Bangladesh remains devoted to working with the Bangladeshi government and corporate sector to discover new opportunities. It is ready to facilitate stronger business interactions between the two nations.

Hopefully, Pakistan and Bangladesh will look forward to a more promising future of mutual prosperity and growth with a renewed focus on bilateral commerce and investment.

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