Kabul, 2 May 2023 (TDI): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has announced that a comprehensive political and trade delegation, led by Foreign Minister Maulvi Amir Khan Muttaqi, is set to visit Islamabad, Pakistan, later this week. The visit aims to discuss and enhance the bilateral political and commercial ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistan and Afghanistan have enormous potential for trade. Both countries stand to benefit substantially from increased economic cooperation. The Afghan delegation’s visit to Islamabad provides an excellent chance to explore new trade and investment possibilities between the two countries.

The governments of both nations have reiterated their dedication to fostering regional peace, stability, and prosperity, as well as strengthening bilateral ties.

Senior Pakistani government representatives will meet with the delegation. The discussions will be focused on advancing security coordination, fostering economic and trade connections, and identifying solutions to shared regional challenges.

Pakistan is devoted to supporting Afghanistan’s initiatives for peace and progress. The nation has supported the new Kabul government’s formation. It has played a crucial role in advancing the peace process in Afghanistan.

The country is eager to improve its bilateral relationship with Afghanistan and work together to create a better future for both countries.

Pakistan has already made many initiatives to facilitate trade and commercial activities between the two countries, such as creating new border crossings, streamlining the visa application process, and lowering trade restrictions.

In addition, Pakistan has made considerable contributions to Afghanistan’s infrastructure, health, and education. Pakistan is committed to strengthening its economic links with Afghanistan to generate job employment possibilities for the Afghan People and raise their living standards.

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The country gives technical support to the Afghan nation to boost its export competitiveness and capacity to export items to Pakistan and other countries.

Pakistan believes that improving trade connections with Afghanistan will help regional integration and the creation of a stable and prosperous South Asia. The country is focused on collaborating with Afghanistan to reduce barriers to commerce, investment, and cooperation.

The Afghan representatives’ visit to Pakistan is a wonderful opportunity to deepen the two nations’ relationship. It’s a way to discover common ground and work together to create a better tomorrow.

Hopefully, this visit will describe the two countries’ growing confidence and Afghanistan and Pakistan’s desire to see the region become more peaceful, safe, and affluent.