Beijing, 4 March 2022 (TDI): The Opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics has kicked off at the National Stadium, also known as Bird’s Nest. It is the 13th Paralympic Games that will end on March 13.

This year, Winter Paralympics will constitute 46 National Paralympic Committees. Subsequently, these NPCs will take part in six sporting events to compete for the seventy-eight medals. By the way, the delegations of Puerto Rico, Israel, and Azerbaijan will make their debut at the Paralympics Games.

Festival of Ice and Snow

During the opening ceremony, athletes gathered to participate in a stunning festival of ice and snow. The ceremony kicked off when the fireworks lit up the atmosphere. Above all, the main objective of the Paralympics games is the unity and togetherness of mankind. Similarly, the theme of the games states that ‘change happens with Sports’.

Origin of Paralympics Games

The flame of the Winter Paralympics is a combination of nine different flames. Afterward, On March 2, these flames were combined into the temple of heaven. During the torch relay, 565 torchbearers participated. It is pertinent to note that the birthplace of the Paralympic movement is Stoke Mandeville, UK, where one of the flames was lit.

Winter Paralympics games first started in 1948. A spinal injury hospital in Stoke Mandeville organized the first-ever sports events for physically disabled people. This event led to the start of the Paralympic Movement.

Winter Paralympics
The Paralympic flag at the Opening Ceremony
Paralympic Cauldron

It is the official norm of any opening ceremony to light the Paralympic Cauldron. This norm indicates the start of sporting events.

Address of Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has officially made an entrance at the opening ceremony of the winter Paralympics sports. Officially, President Xi declared the opening of winter games.

Along these lines, IPC President, Andrew Parsons, was also present on the occasion and delivered a speech. According to him, sports promote peace and bring prosperity. Eventually, it brings diversity among nations for a shared common future.

In addition to that, the President of the Beijing Organizing Committee, Cai Qi, also spoke on the occasion.

March of Chinese Team

During the opening ceremony, team China marched into the Bird’s Nest. Furthermore, Guo Yujie and Wang Zhidong led the march of the Chinese Team.

Winter Paralympics
Team China Parade

Thereafter, athletes from other countries paraded into the stadium along with their teams. The march also included performers dressed as Shuey Rhon Rhon.

Winter Paralympics
Performers, dressed as Shuey Rhon Rhon, skating to entertain the audience
Principles of Winter Paralympics

The guiding principles of Paralympics sports are five in total. It includes integrity, diversity, excellence, universality, and sustainability.