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Moldovan Foreign Minister meets with Romanian Officials


Bucharest, 7 February  2024 (TDI): Moldovan Foreign Minister Mihai Popsoi engaged in crucial discussions with top Romanian officials during his first working visit abroad since taking office last week.

The meeting, held in Bucharest, focused on Moldova’s accession talks with the European Union (EU) and the progress made in implementing EU recommendations.

In a significant bilateral meeting with Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, Minister Popsoi expressed heartfelt appreciation for Bucharest’s unwavering support in launching Moldova’s accession talks to the European Union (EU).

Moreover, the meeting highlighted the shared commitment towards advancing Moldova’s integration into the EU, with both sides affirming their dedication to implementing necessary reforms.

Mutual Cooperation Amid Geopolitical Challenges

During the discussions, Minister Popsoi and Prime Minister Ciolacu also deliberated on Moldova’s progress in fulfilling the recommendations outlined by the European Commission.

Prime Minister Ciolacu reiterated Romania’s steadfast commitment to providing the essential support needed to propel Moldova’s reform efforts forward and facilitate its accession to the EU.

In a joint statement issued by both parties, it was emphasized that bilateral coordination at the governmental level remains crucial for fostering cooperation between Moldova and Romania.

Minister Popsoi commended Prime Minister Ciolacu’s openness towards such coordination and acknowledged the strides made in various sectors, including energy, cross-border traffic, and infrastructural development, particularly in the construction of bridges between the two nations.

Furthermore, Moldovan Foreign Minister Popsoi also met with a Romanian counterpart. During the meeting, Popsoi underscored the significance of Romania’s continued support amid challenging geopolitical circumstances, like the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its ramifications for the region.

Minister Popsoi reiterated Moldova’s resilience and determination to pursue European integration. He expressed gratitude for Romania’s extensive assistance in bolstering Moldova’s development and modernization efforts.

Popsoi appreciated Ciolacu’s openness for bilateral coordination at the governmental level and noted the progress made between Moldova and Romania in energy, cross-border traffic, and the construction of bridges between the two countries.

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In response, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Luminița Odobescu, affirmed Romania’s unwavering commitment to supporting Moldova’s reform agenda and EU accession aspirations.

She praised Moldova’s proactive approach to necessary reforms. She reiterated Romania’s readiness to provide both political and technical assistance to facilitate Moldova’s European integration journey.

The working visit of Minister Popsoi to Bucharest on February 5-6, 2024, following an invitation from the Romanian Foreign Minister, marks a significant milestone in the continued strengthening of bilateral ties between Moldova and Romania.

Idrees Khan
Idrees Khan
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