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Minister Joly meet Palestinian President Abbas and Minister Malki


Ramallah, 15 March 2024 (TDI): Melanie Joly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada met with Palestine President, Mahmood Abbas and Foreign Minister, Riad Malki on 14 March during his visit to the West Bank.

Both leaders discuss the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and urge to stop the War through immediate Cease-fire in Gaza.

Canada and Palestine’s bilateral relations started in 1993 after the Oslo Accord. In 1995 Started their offices in both countries for representation.

According to reports, “Canada recognizes the Palestinian right to self-determination and support for the creation of Sovereign, democratic state”.

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Foreign Minister Joly said, “In the West Bank we met with President Abbas to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the governance of the Palestinian Authority and to work to advance toward a two-state solution”.

Joint Discussion of Minister Joly with her Palestinian Partners 

Both leaders demanded Humanitarian assistance in Gaza, the safety of civilians, work on the hunger issue, and health care.

Additionally, “both underscored the significance of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, urging to stop the Violence releasing hostages, and providing humanitarian relief to the people of Palestine”.

Minister Joly highlighted Canada’s continuous efforts to provide aid relief to the people of Gaza. Canada is committed to providing aid by all means including delivery through land and sea routes.

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Minister Joly highly condemned the violence in Gaza and emphasized the importance of a two-state solution to stop this violence and maintain peace and security in the State.

Previously, during the discussion with Canadian counterpart President Abbas affirmed that Palestine can achieve full security and peace through membership in the United Nations.

Additionally, he appreciated Canada for talking about a two-state solution according to international law and order. 

Moreover, he praised Canada for revising its decisions to provide aid to UNRWA for Palestine.

Lastly, Minister Joly and her Palestinian counterparts talked about working on the sustainable stability of the people of Gaza and living in peace and security with Israel.


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