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Mexico on the 48th Human Rights Council


Mexico City, 12 October 2021 (TDI): Mexico’s participation in the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, ended in Geneva, Switzerland, on 11 October. The Note mentions that during four weeks, the Council met to discuss and take decisions regarding human rights.

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Among the topics discussed by the Council were the consequences of child and forced marriages; also to recognize the right to a sustainable environment; and also regarding the cooperation with the UN, and then their representatives, and mechanisms for human rights.


Mexico promoted three initiatives, human rights and indigenous villages; the right to privacy in the digital age, and the death penalty. The first resolution, coordinating with Guatemala; promoted a resolution project regarding human rights and indigenous villages.

This project, according to the Note; was adopted by consensus, and 38 countries co-sponsored it; to allow then the Dialogue of the participation of indigenous people in the Council projects, to continue. The resolution for the right to privacy; was also adopted by consensus, and its objective is to identify the main risks of artificial intelligence on the right to privacy.

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The last initiative was about the death penalty; and its objective was to strengthen the protection of human rights, by analyzing the impact of the transparency of the process that applies this penalty; and how this affects human rights.

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The Note also mentions that Mexico and Argentina partnered up to promote a Joint Declaration; about the importance of the care of human rights. This Declaration stressed the importance to adopt measures to promote the personal, social, and also economical development of women; based on the principle of equality, and no discrimination.

According to the Media Note, Mexico was co-sponsor of resolutions that the Council adopted like the one regarding the right to a sustainable environment, and also the creation of a rapporteur regarding human rights and climate change; that was supported by Mexico.

Adopted resolution projects

The Note remarks that during the session, the Council adopted 16 projects of resolution on the discussed issues; like the right to a sustainable environment. The Note remarked the resolution of sustainable environment co-sponsored by 30 countries; including Mexico, and that represented a milestone in human and environmental rights.

The other projects were on equal conditions to participate in the social and political life; also measures against discrimination and racism. Last, there were projects about intolerance and xenophobia. It is also important to mention that the Council adopted 9 resolutions; about human rights, and assistance to some countries, like Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria.

With these activities, Mexico reaffirms its commitment to promote and guarantee human rights; after its election as a member of the Council for a three-year period.

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