Mexico City, 29 November 2021(TDI): Mexico and Bolivia celebrated 190 years of diplomatic relations, this month. Ambassador of Mexico in Bolivia, Maria Teresa Mercado stated that this relationship is not only old but it is still strong.

In a short video, Ambassador of Mexico Maria Teresa Mercado illustrated the evolution of their relationship.

Bilateral Relationship 

Ambassador of Mexico Maria Teresa Mercado stated that in 1831, President Andres Santa Cruz of Bolivia addressed a letter to the executive power of Mexico Anastasio Bustamante.

In the letter, he proposed the establishment of bilateral relations between the two states. Hence, the same year Mexico appointed its first representative; Minister Juan de Dios Cañedo.

Moreover, from 1930 to 1945 a collaborative relationship between Mexico and Bolivia grew steadily, where Mexico built a dam in Conchamarca. In the 1960s Mexico supported the formation of technics for the largest Bolivian oil field of Bolivia.

Mexico, in the framework of its traditional policy of asylum, has received important flows of Bolivian ex-pats. For instance, they received people who left due to the dictatorship of Bolivia, at that time, during 1970 to 1980s.

To this day, six Bolivian Presidents have traveled to visit Mexico and three Mexican Presidents visited Bolivia. In fact, the last visit was made by the President of Bolivia, Luis Arce Catacora in Mexico from 23 to 25 of March of this year.

During the March 2021 visit, President Catacora renewed and reinforced bilateral relations. The heads of the partner states adopted a declaration and a road map for the upcoming visits of respective Presidents and Foreign Ministers.

Today, the relation between both parties is growing as they have a platform where their common Agenda is stated. The Agenda reflects the direction that Mexico and Bolivia want to take. It will dictate bilateral and multilateral fields for the best of humanity.