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Medical Assistance to Nepal by UK


Kathmandu, 27 August, 2021 (TDI): Chief Specialist of Health Ministry, Dipendra Raman Singh told media that Nepal has received 130,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine as a bilateral assistance from UK and was handed over to ministry by British Ambassador to Nepal, Nicola Pollitt.

There is a surge in daily positive cases of coronavirus in South Asia including Nepal. Rising covid-19 cases can pose a threat in the whole region but mostly on socio-economic structure of Nepal. This medical assistance was also followed by Pakistan and Japan earlier in this month. Foreign ministry of Nepal reported the news as a thankful notion to the British Government and thanking for cooperation in fighting the deadly virus.

These assistance are the part of goodwill gestures as well as strengthening the bilateral ties between two states. It is evident that Nepal is an old ally of UK, in Covid-19 Emergency; the core states are covering the health assistance to periphery states in this globalized world.



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