Liu Xiaoming delivered a speech at Tsinghua University

Liu Xiaoming delivering lecture to Tsinghua University.
Beijing, 20 September 2021 (TDI): Liu Xiaoming delivered a lecture at Tsinghua University.

Liu Xiaoming is a Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Korean Peninsula Affairs and former ambassador to the UK, Egypt, and DPRK. He is currently representing the Chinese Government on special affairs of the Korean Peninsula. He said on Twitter that he was very pleased to give a lecture at Tsinghua University.

The topic of his lecture was “How to tell the Chinese Story Well and Effectively Carry out Public Diplomacy.”  The Ambassador shared his experience with Tsinghua students and teachers. He asserted that Xi Jinping’s speech this year was a basic source of guidelines on how to spread Chinese words and how to tell Chinese stories effectively.

Liu said we must work hard for the world to listen, understand and believe our Chinese stories. He added that he had delivered his speeches at top-notch six universities of the US, the UK, and China named Harvard, Peking, Yale, Cambridge, Tsinghua, and Oxford.

The Chinese Special Envoy also encouraged the Tsinghua students and teachers that they could even better tell the Chinese stories.