Tripoli, 20 June 2022 (TDI): The Libyan Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr. Najla Elmangoush issued a message on the eve of World Refugee Day on Monday.


On this day, the Minister for Foreign Affairs spread light on the issue of Human rights and their determinant aspects.

Also, she highlighted and showed concern for the refugees and their development and security.

Moreover, she also highlighted the importance of the right of self-determination for every human to live a life of comfort.

Furthermore, the Foreign Minister said that war is the real enemy and a barrier to solving the problem of refugees worldwide.

Equally important, she stated, is that poverty and unequal resource distribution are the main factors that left human rights undiscovered.

Moreover, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation spoke about the elements of unequal distribution of income and resources.

In addition, She talked about the devastating role of unequal distribution and poverty in discovering the issue of human rights.

Also, Foreign Minister Dr.Najla Elmangoush further talked about how major actors ignore the minor ones in today’s world order.

Likewise, She labeled ignorance as a significant hurdle in ensuring equal rights for humans and refugees around the world.

The Foreign Minister Dr.Najla Elmangoush also stated that we should resist those factors that damage the cause of human rights.

Future Prospect:

Finally, The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr.Najla Elmangoush said about the joint responsibility of all Countries to take necessary steps for a better future.

Additionally, the Foreign Minister stated that we must come in front and take steps that benefit our generations.

Lastly, she said that we must make the decisions today for a better tomorrow. At the end of her message, she requested the International Leaders to work together for the noble cause of refugees.

A few months back in a UNHCR petition, the UN also urged the Government of Libya to protect the refugees.