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Protect refugees in Libya, UNHCR petition


Geneva, 23 October 2021 (TDI): The United Nations High Commission for Refugees made a call to the Libyan government on 22 October. The UNHCR urged the government to address, and aid refugees, and asylum seekers.

The note mentions that the refugees and asylum seekers were targets of arbitrary arrests of the police. This caused several deaths, thousands detained, and many refugees homeless.

UNHCR’s Special Envoy for the Western and Central Mediterranean Situation, Vincent Cochetel; pronounced about this. Cochetel stated that since the start of the raids; the organization has seen the deterioration of the situation that refugees face.

He urged the Libyan authorities to plan actions that respect their rights and identify durable solutions. According to the note, 3000 people are in a shelter outside the Community Day Centre. They are in Tripoli. The UNHCR has partners to provide medical attention and other services.

Cochetel stated that many have been left homeless, and lost their belongings. This was the result of the security operations, and also they are now living in an unsafe environment. UNHCR and its partners had to suspend operations at the CDC.

They had to due to security reasons. But Cochetel reaffirmed that the UNHCR remains engaged in active dialogue. That dialogue is with representatives of the protesters outside the CDC. With this, the UNHCR wants to explain the limited assistance, of cash, and also food, that the organization can offer.


The UNHCR and other UN agencies stand ready to support the plan of action. That plan could help alleviate the refugees, and also asylum seekers that are suffering. The note mentions that the organization continues to call on the authorities.

That call is for them to protect the dignity of refugees and asylum seekers. Also to protect human rights, and prevent violations. This aims also to stop arbitrary arrests and release those detained. Cochetel stated that the UNHCR welcomes the authorization to resume evacuation flights.


For the UNHCR, this decision is a positive step for some of the refugees. Those refugees have been waiting for a chance to leave. The note then mentions that the organization is working to ensure humanitarian flights.

Cochetel then added that those evacuation flights will only benefit a handful number of people. Finally, the note mentions that more than 1000 refugees and asylum seekers have priority. That priority is for the humanitarian flights, and also they are waiting for their resumption.

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