Riyadh, 4 July 2022 (TDI): The Leadership of Saudi Arabia including the King and Saudi Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister congratulated the United States (U.S) President, Joe Biden, on America’s Independence Day.

The Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, sent his sincere congratulations to the U.S President on his country’s Independence Anniversary. As well as best wishes of constant good health and happiness for the US President.

The King also wished further progress and prosperity for the government and friendly people of the U.S.

King Salman praised the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and the development they are witnessing in all areas.

In a similar manner, Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud also sent his congratulations to the U.S President. Noteworthy, President Biden is expected to make a visit to Saudi Arabia later this month.

U.S-Saudi Arabia relations

After recognition in 1931, the U.S and Saudi Arabia established full diplomatic relations. Economically, the U.S is Saudi Arabia’s second largest trading partner. Likewise, Saudi Arabia is one of the U.S’s largest trading partners in the Middle East.

Most importantly, Saudi Arabia is the third leading source of imported oil for the U.S. Thus, it provides nearly half a million barrels per day of oil to the U.S. market.

Both countries have signed a Trade Investment Framework Agreement. Saudi Arabia launched its Vision 2030 program in April 2016, laying out plans to diversify the economy, including through increased trade and investment with the U.S and other countries.

The two countries have a common interest in preserving the stability, security, and prosperity of the Gulf region. In addition, they consult closely on numerous regional and global issues.

Saudi Arabia plays a significant role in working toward a peaceful and prosperous future for the region. Most importantly, it is a strong partner in relation to security and counterterrorism efforts and in military, diplomatic, and financial cooperation.