Kampala, 6 October 2023 (TDI): Ambassador Henry Mayega, the Consul General of Uganda to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), alongside Ministry Officials, recently initiated the media launch for the highly anticipated 2nd edition of the Uganda-UAE Business Forum.

Scheduled from October 10th to 13th, 2023, at Kampala’s Speke Resort Munyoyo. the event promises to be a pivotal catalyst for economic collaboration.

The media launch provided a vibrant introduction to the 2nd edition, emphasizing its crucial role in fostering economic collaboration between Uganda and the UAE.

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Ambassador Henry Mayega stated, “The Uganda-UAE Business Forum serves as a bridge connecting our nations, facilitating dialogue, and creating opportunities for bilateral economic growth.”

The forum aims to facilitate discussions and negotiations for strategic partnerships between Ugandan and UAE businesses, fostering mutually beneficial economic relations.

Customized  sessions focusing on key sectors such as trade, investment, technology, and tourism will provide participants with insights and opportunities specific to their industries.

Moreover, Attendees will have ample chances to network with industry leaders, government officials, and potential collaborators, creating an environment conducive to relationship building.

Additionally, the forum will highlight Uganda’s investment potential, presenting a favorable landscape for UAE investors exploring opportunities in the region.

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The 2nd Uganda-UAE Business Forum is expected to attract a diverse audience, including government representatives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from both nations, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation.

Ambassador Henry Mayega showed optimism to fostering productive dialogues, facilitating and sharing of innovative concepts, and cultivating partnerships between the two countries.