New York, 4 October 2023 (TDI): The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made an official statement during the Fifth Committee session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), expressing its priorities and commitments for the 78th session.


The UAE’s statement was made by its Representative, Najla Al Kaabi. It covered several fundamental points.

First, on behalf of her country, she congratulated Ambassador Osama Mahmoud Abdel Khaleq of the Arab Republic of Egypt on assuming the presidency of the Fifth Committee for the 78th session.

The UAE also congratulated Mohammed Khalifa Alnasr of Qatar on his appointment as Vice-Chair of the Fifth Committee.

They appreciated the efforts of Ambassador Philippe Kridelka of Belgium and Abdullah bin Ali Ahmed of Bahrain from the previous session.

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The UAE highlighted the critical importance of the proposed budget for 2024, emphasizing that discussions and decisions in this regard are essential to the UN’s ability to address global challenges effectively.

Allocating the necessary resources is crucial for the organization to fulfill its responsibilities.

Another significant point raised by the UAE was the importance of providing adequate funding for all special political missions to enable them to fully implement their mandates.

Special political missions play a vital role in maintaining international peace and security, and ensuring they have the necessary resources is a priority for the UAE.

The UAE also stressed the need for timely reporting to give Member States sufficient time to discuss relevant draft resolutions.

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Timely reporting is essential for productive discussions and informed decision-making within the Committee.

The UAE expressed its commitment to participating in positive and constructive discussions during the session and emphasized the importance of reaching a consensus.

Cooperation and consensus-building are fundamental principles for the work of the Committee, and the UAE called on all Member States to work together to achieve common goals.

This statement from the UAE reflects its active engagement in the United Nations (UN) and its commitment to addressing critical global issues through multilateral cooperation and diplomacy.

The Fifth Committee is responsible for administrative and budgetary matters within the UN, making its work essential for the effective functioning of the organization and its ability to carry out its missions and initiatives worldwide.

The UAE’s statement underscores its dedication to supporting the UN’s mission and ensuring its resources are allocated wisely and effectively.