Doha, 19 June 2023 (TDI): The United Arab Emirates and the State of Qatar announced the resumption of their diplomatic representation following the Al-Ula agreement and collaborative efforts from the two countries catalysing the revival of their relations.

Resumptions of Diplomatic Relations

According to the Foreign Ministry of Qatar, the two countries restored their diplomatic ties and resumed the activities of embassies on Monday.

The embassy of the State of Qatar in Abu Dhabi and its consulate in Dubai, as well as the embassy of the UAE in Doha, restarted their operations after a six-year-long cessation of bilateral relations. 

Additionally, the normalization of ties will ensure the execution of the Joint Arab Action to promote peace in Arab countries, stated the foreign ministry of Qatar.

The Joint Arab Action, proposed by the Arab League, demands all the member states cooperate to effectively counter all the ills faced by the Arab countries.

The Foreign Ministry of Qatar also mentioned the Al-Ula agreement behind the revival of relations between the two nations. In January 2021, the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation inked this agreement to end the dispute with Qatar. They agreed to work as a single political and economic unit. 

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UAE and Qatar engaged in a phone call

The Foreign Minister of UAE, Abdullah bin Zayed, engaged in a phone conversation with the Prime Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman. They exchanged congratulatory remarks on this momentous event of the revival of their diplomatic ties. 

The Qatari Prime Minister welcomed the restoration of relations between the UAE and Qatar. Besides, he affirmed the strong bond of brotherhood between the two nations and their people.

They also explored different ways of enhancing their mutual cooperation to achieve their shared interests. The two leaders discussed various issues of common concern in addition to regional and international developments.

Furthermore, The two sides underlined that the resurgence of their relations stems from the iron determination of the leadership of the two countries to solidify their brotherly relations. 

In 2017, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt cut off their ties with Qatar. They accused Qatar that it had supported terrorism and fostered relations with Iran.

The resumption of these ties came after the normalisation of Saudi-Iran relations brokered by China. The two sides expressed their aspirations to work together in the future to foster their mutual relations.