La Paz, 1 November 2023 (TDI): Latin American states, Bolivia, Chile, and Columbia ended diplomatic relations with Israel over the war in Gaza, announced on Tuesday.

“The violation of international humanitarian law and disproportionate Israeli military offensive at Gaza, as well as a threat to international security and peace.” Bolivian Deputy Foreign Minister said.

He added that Bolivia wanted an end to Israel’s blockade that was preventing from entering food, water, medicines, and other basic needs.

This strong move in South America came after Israel Defence Force strikes hit a crowded refugee camp in Gaza, killing or injuring hundreds of people. In addition, Maria Nela Prada also announced the country would send humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Maria Nela Prada said in a press conference, “We demand to end the attacks” in the Gaza Strip. Till now, which has caused thousands of casualties and forced displacements in the territory. She said at the same press conference. 

Moreover, she expressed her serious condemnation of Israel’s barbarous attacks on Palestinian land. She depicted Israel’s actions as “crimes against humanity” and called for a ceasefire. 

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In fact, Chile has the largest, and one of the oldest Palestinian communities, living outside the Arab world. In such a scenario, Chile’s President Gabriel Boric said on Tuesday he was recalling the country’s ambassador in Tel-Aviv for further consultations “given the unacceptable violations of international humanitarian law that Israel has pursued in the Gaza Strip.”

The President formally said, Chile officially condemns and observes the brutal development happening over the land of Palestine, particularly in the Gaza Strip- which at this point clearly indicates the collective punishment of the Palestinian population. 

Along with, the Columbian President has issued a similar statement on social media, Petro stated, “I have chosen to request a consultation with our ambassador in Israel,” and he further emphasized, “If Israel continues the tragic events affecting the Palestinian population, we may reconsider our presence in that region.”