Vientiane, 19 November 2021 (TDI): Laos received the ninth shipment of the Covid-19 vaccines from China. The latest consignment of vaccines has 1.9 million doses of Sinopharm. The Covid-19 vaccine arrived at Wattay International Airport in Vientiane, the capital city of the country.

Dr. Phankham Viphavanh, the Prime Minister of Laos, formally accepted the vaccines from Jiang Zaidong, the Chinese Ambassador to his country. He expressed gratitude by appreciating the assistance provided by the Chinese government to tackle the pandemic; in these trying times.

Sinopharm Covid-19 Vaccines
Vaccine Diplomacy of China

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 the world economy, as well as health care mechanisms, have faced debilitating aftereffects. The life-crippling contagious pandemic held the world hostage for almost one and a half years.

Nevertheless, China has been providing vaccine assistance to many countries, specifically the developing and the least developed countries around the world.

Chinese donated vaccine arrives at the airport of Vientiane, Laos

So far, China has donated approximately 6.2 million doses of vaccines to Laos. It is the top donator of the country in terms of vaccines since the pandemic began. Aside from the vaccines, China has also supplied vaccination and medical equipment as part of Chinese assistance to Laos.

With this gesture, it will be able to prevent the alarming spread of Covid-19 along with attaining its aim of vaccinating over 50% of its population; by the end of this year.

Chinese Assistance for Laos

China has also committed to further donate 800,000 doses of Sinopharm Covid-19 Vaccines to Laos; by the end of this month. The donation will help the country in achieving its vaccination target.

China and Laos share the same region and enjoy strong and deep-rooted historical bilateral relations. Diplomatic relations between the two countries incorporate trade and aid aspects, and more recently the health sector, as well.