Kuwait City, 13 July 2022 (TDI): Kuwait strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Yatinga Governorate, Northern Burkina Faso, which claimed the lives of fifteen soldiers, in a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday.

Kuwait also reiterated its firm position against violence and terrorism.

Furthermore, it called on the International community to double its efforts to rid the world of terrorism.

Kuwait also extended its condolence to the people and Government of Burkina Faso. It expressed its thoughts for the families of the victims.

Moreover, it expressed wishes for the speedy recovery of the injured persons.

Explosion in Burkina Faso:

At least fifteen soldiers were killed when the transport vehicle drove over a hidden explosive. This tragic incident took place on Thursday in the Yatinga Governorate in Northern Burkina Faso.

This incident occurred in the Bam province, where armed groups frequently attack civilians and soldiers.

Many militant groups are active in the region targeting common people and army personnel.

No group has taken responsibility for the attack yet. However, investigations are underway to determine the perpetrators.

Burkina Faso:

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in western Africa. Its capital name is Ouagadougou, also the country’s largest city.

Its citizen is known as Burkinabè. The main ethnic groups are Mossi (the largest group), Fula, Gurma, Bobo, and many other small groups.

It is a Least Developing country (LDC) with a GDP of about $16.226 billion.

The majority of the population is Muslim, and about 22% of the population practices Christianity. Due to a history of French colonialism, the country’s official language is French.

This country has been affected due to the rise of Islamic terrorism in the region, allied with Al Qaida and ISIS.

Burkina Faso is a member of the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperations. However, it is currently suspended from the  African Union.