Kuwait City, 18 January 2022 (TDI):  After a prolonged discussion, the Kuwait cabinet decided to abolish most coronavirus restrictions all across the country. In this regard, the Kuwaiti government is committed to starting a new era of medical measures and approaches to deal with the pandemic.

Kuwait Cabinet
The Kuwait Cabinet made a big decision to eliminate important coronavirus restrictions, emphasizing the importance to move to a new era of adaptation.

Since the last restrictions imposed in the country, Kuwait authorities felt relieved after their success at weathering a recent wave of infections. The cabinet expressed their desire to grow optimism in the health sector and the population. For these reasons, they pointed out the success of the spike in the number of vaccinated people.

Main Restrictions Abolished

In this regard, during yesterday’s meeting, the Kuwaiti cabinet stopped many of the following restrictions. First, they agreed on eliminating social distancing in mosques, public means of transportation, theaters, banquet hall, among others.

Second, the Kuwait cabinet decided on finishing the ban to meet in-person events. These are conferences, funerals, training courses, and weddings. In addition, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs read a statement to allow unvaccinated people to travel abroad.

Not to mention unvaccinated students under 16 years will no longer need a weekly PCR. Third, the Cabinet also made their minds up regarding mandatory quarantine for positive PCR students.

Travel Restrictions Abolished 

On the other hand, Kuwait Cabinet authorities established special coronavirus measures for national and international flights. That is how they decided to allow immunized arrival with 72 hours of valid PCR certificate and no PCR tests for vaccines people.

Likewise, they emphasized the need to divide vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. This is to implement specific measures for each group. This is according to how many doses they received and how long ago they were last or not vaccinated.

Finally, the Kuwait Cabinet stated that the loosening of restrictions is important to maintain stability in the country. They pointed out that the new measures will be effective of Sunday 20th. Especially taking into consideration that civil servants will return to offices on March 13th.