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King of Jordan engages in 60th Munich Security Conference talks


Amman, 17 February 2024(TDI): In a recent development, King Abdullah II of Jordan engaged in diplomatic talks during the 60th Munich Security Conference (MSC) in 2024.

On the sidelines of the 60th Munich Security Conference 2024, King Abdullah II of Jordan engaged in talks with Qatar’s Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani.

Moreover, during his visit, he had discussions with other leaders from Denmark, Ireland, Iraq, and the Netherlands.

Focus on Gaza Crisis and Humanitarian Aid

At the opening of the discussion, the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar greeted King Abdullah II.

Furthermore, he wished the king of Jordan a happy and healthy life, as well as continuous growth and success for the Jordanian people.

Following the discussion, both parties analyzed their shared ties and strategies to promote and advance them. They also discussed recent developments in the Gaza Strip and disputed Palestinian regions.

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On Friday, King of Jordan discussed with Qatar’s prime minister and foreign minister the need to end the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

In addition, the king of Jordan, Abdullah II, and Qatar’s officials focused on ways to enhance international and regional attempts to achieve an immediate ceasefire.

Reportedly, they also discussed speeding up the unrestricted flow of humanitarian aid into all regions of the Strip, among other shared concerns.

Calls for International Support for UNRWA

On top of that, King Abdullah II highlighted the significance of continuing to fund UNRWA.

It provides life support for over 2 million Palestinians suffering food shortages and helps Palestinian refugees.

On the margins of the 60th Munich Security Conference 2024, King of Jordan had conversations with Ireland’s Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and Denmark’s Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen.

However, the discussions included Jordan’s relations with the aforementioned states and NATO, in addition to the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

He concluded the discussions, requesting nations around the world to step up efforts to put in place an agreement to stop the conflict from escalating and spreading across the surrounding regions.

Aqsa Bibi
Aqsa Bibi
Aqsa Bibi is a dedicated undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Relations at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Multan. In addition to her academic interests, she is passionate about understanding global dynamics. She has worked with various organizations sponsored by the US Embassy Islamabad. Her commitment to the field and determination to contribute significantly to international relations is evident in her involvement in initiatives. The writer can be reached at kaqsa064@gmail.com

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