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American delegation participates in Munich Security Conference


Munich, 17 February 2024 (TDI): American Delegation including Vice President of America Kamala Harris, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken attend the 60th Munich Security Conference on 16th February 2024.

According to the reports, at the 60th Munich Security Conference more than 450 senior decision-makers including world leaders, NGOs, Media, Academicians, Businesspersons, and civil Society debated different Security policies, world emerging conflicts, etc.

“America’s role of global leadership is to the direct benefit of the American people. Our alliance has prevented Wars, defended freedom, and maintained stability from Europe to the Indo-Pacific. To put all of that at risk would be foolish,” Vice President Kamala Harris addressed.

Further, she said, “We are committed to pursuing global engagement to uphold International rules and norms, to defend democratic values at home and abroad, and to work with our allies and partners in pursuit of shared goals”.

During her third time representing the USA as American Delegation at the Munich Conference, she said, “Biden and I reaffirmed that Sacred commitment to NATO remains ironclad and NATO is Central to our approach to global security”.

“Makes America Strong and it keeps America Safe,” Vice President Kamala Harris added.

Moreover, she said, “We must reject the failed ideologies of isolationism, authoritarianism, and Unilateralism. Let me be clear: that worldview is dangerous, destabilizing, and short-sighted”.

At last, she said, “If we only look inward, we cannot defeat threats from outside; isolation is not insulation., when America has isolated herself, threats have only grown”.

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Secretary Blinken’s diplomatic tour at Munich, Germany.

During the diplomatic tour, Secretary Blinken in Munich said, “Germany is one of the United States’ closest and strongest allies. In Munich, Vice-Chancellor Habeck and I reaffirmed the importance of our long-standing partnership and our invaluable partnerships and invaluable cooperation in Ukraine and the Middle East”.

At the Munich Security Conference, Secretary Blinken met with the Foreign Ministry and PRC Director. Both discussed regional, bilateral, and global issues embracing the Democratic people’s Republic of North Korea, the Middle East conflict, and the Russia-Ukraine War.

Further, he met the Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar and had a discussion on the coalition on maritime security in the Red Sea and wants to work on maintaining peace and Security in the Middle East conflict.

Secretary Blinken also met with Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba at the Munich Security Conference. He said, “The United States is committed to Ukraine’s defense and its future”. And “assured U.S. support for recovery efforts and a free and prosperous Ukraine”.

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