Beijing, 11 January 2022 (TDI): After the eruption of the violent turmoil in the Central Asian country namely Kazakhstan, China is keen to extend “law enforcement and security”. Especially regarding cooperation and assistance against the prevalence of external forces in Kazakhstan.

The spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told that State Councillor Wang Yi made the remarks with Kazakhstan’s foreign minister. He talked via phone call with Mukhtar Tileuberdi and offered support regarding the bespattered situation.

Specific Details of the Violent Turmoil

Wang said to Tileuberdi that the recent turmoil in Kazakhstan demonstrates the grave situation in Central Asia. This is because it once again corroborates that some external powers do not want peace and serenity in the region.

In the last week, government facilities in numerous cities of Kazakhstan were tersely occupied and some were set ablaze by the unlawful congestion upheaval because of the relentless uprising of the price of gasoline. Troops were ordered to shoot to kill to stand down the countrywide uprising.

Authorities in Kazakhstan blamed the violence on radicals, particularly foreign-trained Islamist insurgents. Further they asked the Russian-led military bloc to send in their troops to guard the strategic sites. Those instigated the United States to raise the question in this regard.

Complimentary China’s Remarks

China is contemplative of the instability in its neighborhood that may jeopardize the energy imports and Belt-and-Road projects. Not to mention security in its western Xinjiang province. This shares a 1,770-kilometer (1,110-mile) border with Kazakhstan.

Wang offered that China is prepared to dealt collaboratively all the insurgencies, infiltration and external forces in the Kazakhstan.

President Xi Jinping told Kazakhs President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev that China adamantly opposes the prevalence of insurgents and foreign force. These are efforts for destabilization and paving the colour revolution in the Kazakhstan.

China and Russia see the said ‘color revolutions’ are uprisings and orchestrated by the US. This alongside other Western countries in order to bring about regime change.

In this regard, Spokesperson of the China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Wenbin told that the secretary-general of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Vladimir Norov stated on the behalf of the organization regarding the turmoil situation in Kazakhstan.

He expressed his hope that the situation will be normalized as soon as possible and expected the restoration of the law & order for the best interest of the public security and peace in the region.

Finally, Wang Wenbin showed his dire expectations that SCO would play its ardent and holistic role in sustaining security and stability in the region.