Berlin, 13 December 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, Mukhtar Tileuberdi held bilateral talks with the Vice Chancellor of Germany, Robert Habeck on economic cooperation.

They both met to discuss the way forward for the current state of the bilateral development of the trade and economic relations of both countries.

The leaders once again touched on their ability to promote and generate revenue from these relations and partnerships as well as the expansion of cooperation in the field of energy resources and raw materials for each country’s development.

The resources of their countries should depend on the energy resources of that sector of the country and for this reason they are seeking to promote these joint partnerships.

Concerning their bilateral relations, the Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, Mukhtar Tileuberdi said “In the year of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, we are pleased to note the strategic nature of our bilateral relations.”

In this vein, he added that Kazakhstan will continue to work closely with its partner. In response, Habeck stressed the fact that Kazakhstan continues to be a leading partner in trade for Germany.

Along these lines, it has contributed to 85% of the total German trade in Kazakhstan and promoted 6.8 billion euros for the economy of these countries.

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They further talked about the need to promote unity and peaceful existence among each other. They talked about the need to ensure that they protect each other against global problems like terrorism and economic challenges in the world.

After the successive meeting, they ended on a common note to put all the discussions to use as they emphasized the need to work on actions rather than just talking.

On the same day, Kazakhstan’s delegation met with other stakeholders and business partners to come over to the country for development.

It is pertinent to note that, the relations which exist between Kazakhstan and Germany have been long-standing and continue to prosper.