Astana, 16 December 2022 (TDI): Today, 16 December, marks the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, congratulated people on Independence Day, saying that it is an important date in the country’s history.

The President highlighted that “We must honour the national heroes who dedicated their lives to protecting freedom. Their love for the homeland is an example for today and future generations.

Tokayev also added that “Our main task is further strengthening our state. We must work hard to achieve it. Kazakhstan will become a strong country this way”.

Moreover, on June 16 at the meeting of National Kurultai (congress in Kazakh), Tokayev said that this year’s Independence Day considered the main national holiday, should be celebrated as “a day of remembrance. This day will be dedicated to our national heroes who made a significant contribution to gaining independence”.

Decalaration on State Sovereignty

On 25 October 1990, a declaration on the State Sovereignty of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic was adopted. This represented Kazakhstan’s first step toward its independence.

In this regard, in 1991, the declaration turned into a legal basis for developing and adopting the Constitutional Law on Independence of Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, the document was successful in establishing the fundamental principles of sovereignty.

The principles included unitary state, integrity, indivisibility and inviolability of its territory. Also, revival and development of culture, traditions, the language and strengthening of national identity, legal equality, and equal opportunities for representatives of all nations and nationalities, political pluralism and other principles.

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However, the country became a sovereign state after the Supreme Council adopted a law on the state independence of Kazakhstan on 16 December 1991.

In addition, various cultural and sports events in Kazakhstan will bring people together to celebrate Independence Day. This year several activities, including the Batyrs’ Battle (Kazakh warriors’ battle) competition and the “Alash” performance, will be seen.