Astana, 11 July 2023 (TDI): Today, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Murat Nurtileu, held a constructive and productive meeting with Faisal Al-Qahtani, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

The discussions centered around a wide range of pertinent issues within the bilateral agenda, encompassing political, trade-economic, and cultural-humanitarian cooperation.

Both parties expressed their commitment to nurturing and enhancing the existing relationship between Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.

During the meeting, Minister Nurtileu and Ambassador Al-Qahtani engaged in a fruitful dialogue, underscoring the significance of strengthening bilateral ties.

The interlocutors explored various topics of mutual interest, highlighting the shared commitment to advancing cooperation in politics, trade, and culture.

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They acknowledged the importance of deepening the existing economic partnerships and exploring new avenues for collaboration.

Minister Nurtileu and Ambassador Al-Qahtani also discussed the upcoming events at the highest levels, recognizing the potential to elevate the level of engagement between the two nations.

They emphasized the need for regular high-level interactions to facilitate meaningful exchanges and promote deeper understanding between Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.

Both parties expressed optimism about the future and reiterated their strong interest in bolstering bilateral cooperation.

They acknowledged the potential for increased collaboration in the energy, finance, agriculture, tourism, and technology sectors.

Furthermore, they highlighted the importance of cultural and humanitarian exchanges in fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

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The meeting concluded on a positive note, with Minister Nurtileu and Ambassador Al-Qahtani reaffirming their commitment to fostering enduring and mutually beneficial cooperation between Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.

They agreed to continue working closely together to explore new opportunities, facilitate trade and investment, and promote people-to-people exchanges.

This meeting marks a significant step forward in strengthening the longstanding relationship between Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.

The discussions held today lay the foundation for deeper engagement and cooperation, ensuring a prosperous and mutually beneficial partnership in the years to come.