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July 1st medals presented to CPC members


Beijing: June 29, 2021-(TDI): On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of CPC, President of China Mr. Xi Jinping awarded the ‘July 1st medals’ to the outclass members of CPC, today at the Great hall of people in Beijing.

The medal is the highest honor in the party presented for the first time to CPC members. The recipients of the “July 1st Medal” were driven from their homes in a courtesy car and brought to the Great Hall of the People by the National Honor Guards. 29 outstanding CPC members were awarded the medal today by Xi.

Xi Jinping also addressed the occasion and congratulated the winners of the award. He praised the winners by identifying their dedication and sacrifices for the Party and the Chinese people. He also mentioned that the winners of the medal exhibited the CPC’s real spirit of selflessness and unflinching dedication.

The medal recipients also received flowers from children who belonged to Chinese Young Pioneers

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