Aman, 14 December 2021 (TDI): Jordanian Minister Ayman Safadi, with the UN Representative and Head Mission for Iraq, discussed the Iraq government’s efforts. All of them are related to achieving security and stability.

Key points during the meeting

In the course of the gathering, Ayman Safadi emphasized the UN’s significant role in Iraq. He also pointed out about Head of Mission, Jeanine Hennis, fundamental work to bring prosperity into Iraq. 

In this regard, the Jordanian minister expressed the Kingdom’s support for Jeanine’s work. Thus showing Jordan’s underpinning for Iraq to face regional challenges. In addition, he congratulated Iraq on its centenary.

Along these lines, Jeanine Hennis and Ayman Safadi reviewed the exiting diplomatic ties between Iraq and Jordan. Furthermore, they mentioned the UN and Jordan cooperation framework to protect refugees and deter any confrontation in the region. 

Baghdad summit

Currently, Jordan and Iraq strengthened their relationship by agreeing to improve their economic and security ties during the last Baghdad summit.

Iraq, which seeks to become a mediator between the Arab states, was the host of the Baghdad summit in August. During the meeting, Iraq and Jordan pledged to work in the fields of energy, commerce, among others. The President of Egypt also attended the summit.

The three discussed Syria’s 10 year-conflict and its aftermath, especially regarding migration. This considering Jordan is the second host country of refugees per capita in the world. On top of that, they welcomed the international community’s endeavor to restore peace in Lybia.

Nonetheless, with a joint statement, they urgently called for foreign forces and mercenaries to leave Yemen and Lybia. Also, they required the international community to renew its intentions and struggle to solve the Palestinian issue. 

United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq

The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq has been operating since 2003. It is a special political mission created at the request of the Iraqi government to receive advice and support. Its main objective is agreed by Resolution 1500 of the United Nations Security Council to restore community reconciliation.

Besides that, the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq’s importance lies in the support to Iraq in addressing the challenges against the ongoing terrorism in the region. Therefore, in Sunday’s meeting Head of the UN Mission for Iraq with Jordan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated how Iraq’s presence and stability are necessary for the region’s safety.