Japanese Ambassador in Zambia Celebrates 440 Anniversary of Japan-Africa Relation

Japanese Ambassador to Zambia with other delegates

Lusaka, 8 October 2021 (TDI): The Japanese Ambassador to Zambia Ryuta Mizuuchi organized a concert of Soprano Ms. Azusa Dodo and Pianist Miki Onodera to celebrate the 440 anniversary of the cordial relations between Japan and African republics.

The concert’s purpose was to acknowledge the friendly relations shared by the nation-state of Africa with Japan and find ways and means to further strengthen those relations.ย 


In the concert, there were delegates present from various African nations. Along with it, representatives from Italian Embassy in Zambia were also present in the meeting. The Italian Embassy in Zambia and delegates from all over the world praised Japan for organizing the concert.

The concert ended on peace where ambassadors from all across the globe to Zambia endorsed Japanese long-term friendly relations with Zambia and wished the best to both nations for their future partnership.



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