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Japanese Ambassador congrats on Japanese Novel Translated into Urdu


Islamabad, 14 October 2021 (TDI): Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, Matsuda congratulates Khurram Sohail, President of Pakistan-Japan Literature Forum (PJLF) for publishing the Japanese novel, “Genji Monogatari–The Tale of Genji” in the Urdu language.

President of PJLF Khurram Sohail showed his indebtedness to Ambassador Matsuda for his hospitality in hosting the session of the book at their residence. He expressed his hope that the Urdu translation to Japanese from this novel will help promote Pakistani-Japan’s cultural and literary relations.

It turned out that the literary masterpiece was a wonderful gift to Pakistani readers. They could learn more about Japanese culture. While he appreciated both Japan’s rich cultural heritage and Pakistan’s literary achievements, the Ambassador said that the literature and history of any country are vital because they help us understand and respect each other.

While appreciating Sohail’s hard work over five years and Baqar Naqvi’s late contribution to this project, the Ambassador stated that it was challenging translating a classic Japanese novel.

Moreover, he was happy to see Japanese scholars and researchers translating the works of iconic figures like Ghalib, Faiz, Munto, and Iqbal into Japanese. He suggested that we should work together in order to share our rich literary heritage with our future generations.

Furthermore, was inspired to translate “Genji Monogatari-The Tale of Genji”, a classic Japanese novel, into the Urdu language.

Sadia Rashid, President of Pakistan-Japan Cultural Association Sindh, appreciated Khurram’s efforts. She also speaks out to support closer collaboration between Japanese literature professionals and Pakistani writers to better understand their respective cultures and literary achievements.

Genji Monogatari, the Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, is an important piece of Japanese Literature and considered one of the oldest novels ever.

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