Tokyo, 26 August 2022 (TDI): Japan and the US conducted bilateral exercises to strengthen the capability of the Defense Forces.

Military Vessels of both countries participated in the maritime bilateral exercise held during 13-24 August in water from Bashi Channel to Southern Kanto.

JS Yamagiri, a class destroyer, and JS Onami, the second vessel of the Takanami-class destroyers of Japan Self Defense were a part of the exercise.

In addition, USS RONALD REAGAN, USS TRIPOLI, USS NEW ORLEANS, and USS RUSHMORE of the United States Navy mutually conducted the exercise.

These maritime exercises aimed to enhance the free and open Indo-Pacific region by maintaining peace and deterrence against the adversaries in the region.

Military Exercises in the past:

Moreover, Japan and the United States had successfully conducted bilateral exercises in the past like in August 2021 when Destroyer vessels and Carriers took part in the maritime exercise.

These exercises aimed to improve Japan Military Self Defense Forces’ (JMSDF) tactical capability.

Secondly, these exercises aimed to empower the collaboration of JMSDF and the United States Navy

These exercises had been taking place in the month of August for more than 3 years.

Both countries have a high interest in the Indo-Pacific to maintain a monopoly in fields of defense and trade across the region.

Multi-lateral Exercises:

Besides these bilateral exercises, both countries had conducted and participated in multilateral maritime exercises in the Indo-Pacific region.

6 Naval Task Groups from the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, and Australia in the Pacific region.

In addition to this, the United States provided a “Nuclear Umbrella” to Japan to enhance Japan’s military defense.

Furthermore, Japan spent approximately $1.82 billion annually to support the US military presence.

About 55,000 troops were stationed in Japan, a naval contingent and Japan provided logistical support and ammunition.

Both the military powers remained committed to empowering the defense sector by encouraging their defense capability.