Kingston, 8 October 2022 (TDI): Jamaica and South Korea celebrate the 60th anniversary of establishing their diplomatic relations. The Jamaican Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Kamina J. Smith attended a reception hosted by South Korean Charge de Affaires, Lim Baejin.

The reception was in honor of the National Foundation Day of South Korea and the 60th anniversary of Jamaica-South Korea’s diplomatic relations. Both states celebrate their partnership in the fields of education, climate change, finance, and health and special their efforts during the pandemic.

The diplomatic relation between both countries during these 60 years has been prosperous. The diplomats and government officials of both states have participated in several high-level meetings.

Both countries are appreciative of each other’s support over these years and look forward to many more years of friendship.

South Korea and Jamaica Relations

The two states established their diplomatic relations in 1962, just two months after Jamaica’s independence. Both countries have developed friendly ties since then. They are collaborating on different projects of mutual benefit.

The scope of their collaboration from political and consular has expanded to economic and cultural. Both states have coordinated their efforts on various global issues as well.

During the pandemic, South Korea offered humanitarian assistance to Jamaica. The assistance was in the form of supplies and medical equipment valued at USD 1 million.

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On the cultural front, the embassy of Korea in Jamaica has been hosting Korean Film Festivals annually. It is an effort to share the rich Korean culture with the people of Jamaica.

Significant Cooperation Projects

The government of Jamaica mutually beneficial bilateral partnership with South Korea in several projects. Both states have concluded several significant cooperation projects including Customs Modernization Project. Along with that, Cadastral Mapping (facilitates the issuance of land titles to Jamaican people) and Land Registration projects are highly recognized.

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