Karachi, 29 September 2022 (TDI): The South Korean government has delivered the first batch of desperately needed relief materials to the Sindh administration in Karachi, Pakistan.

Speaking at the event, the Ambassador of South Korea, Suh Sangpyo stated that the shipment included around 300,000 water purification pills, 30,000 emergency blankets, and other critical assistance materials.

He went on to share that a second cargo of relief materials, including tents, collapsible water bags, and warm blankets, will arrive at Karachi Sea Port on October 16.

2022 Floods in Pakistan

Over a thousand people have been impacted and millions have been made homeless as a result of Pakistan’s worst floods in recent memory, which were caused by torrential monsoon rains in 2022.

A national emergency has been declared by the Pakistani government. The effects of the flash floods brought on by climate change have been made worse by poor leadership, a slow response time, a lack of resources, and a proactive attitude.

The floods of 2022 have had far-reaching and unprecedented effects since they have increased Pakistan’s risk of food insecurity, water-borne illnesses, malnutrition, and societal instability.

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Extreme monsoon weather has been present in Pakistan since June 2022. Pakistan has received area-weighted rainfall this year that is 780% over average, according to Abid Qaiyum Suleri.

Abid Qaiyum Suleri is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Development Policy Institute and a member of Pakistan’s Climate Change Council.

Rainfall in the country was 2.9 times the 30-year normal as of August 27. Widespread flooding as a result has had terrible effects on infrastructure, property, and human lives.

To date, the Pakistani government has designated 80 districts as “calamity-stricken.” Flooding has wreaked widespread devastation of an unprecedented magnitude.

Pakistan-Korea Ties

Pakistan and South Korea enjoy solid and mutually beneficial diplomatic ties. Since the 1980s, relations between two Asian countries have steadily improved.

South Korea has an Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, and Pakistan maintains an Embassy in Seoul. Moreover, Pakistan is one of the few countries with friendly relations with both North and South Korea.