Kingston, 17 October 2022 (TDI): National Heroes’ Day of Jamaica is celebrated on 17 October this year as it takes place every third Monday of October. This is a public holiday that honors the nation’s greatest names.

There are extraordinary citizens in every nation that stands out and inspire. Jamaica has seven such names that aided in the freedom of the country. These include businessmen, scholars, leaders, and other individuals. This day commemorates Jamaica’s national heroes for their services that led to the country’s progress.

History of National Heroes’ Day

Nations remember their heroes for their excellent services in various sectors of life, whether it be education, health, politics, or humanitarian.

National Heroes Day in Jamaica is celebrated annually on the third Monday of October. The celebration first started in 1969 in honor of the great individuals.

In the beginning, this day commemorated the services of Alexander Bustamante, the first Prime Minister of Jamaica. He was a politician and labor party leader who founded Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). His party won a majority of seats in the 1944 elections, after which his struggle for independence began.

Later on, the list added six more personalities for their remarkable services to the nation.

The list includes Baptist Paul Bogle, who preached the message of peace over violence. He educated many people and led rebellions in their search for freedom.

Samuel Sharpe, an enslaved Jamaican, became famous for leading the slave rebellion in the Baptist war in 1832. He was proclaimed a national hero in 1975 by the government of Jamaica.

Marcus Garvey established Universal Negro Improvement Association and spoke against the exploitation of the black community.

George William Gordan made it to the list for his contribution to education, infrastructure, health, and politics.

The last two additions to the list of seven national heroes include Queen Nanny, the leader of Jamaican Maroons, and Norman Washington Manley, the first premier of Jamaica in 1959. He was a famous scholar and lawyer who advocated for universal suffrage.

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