Islamabad, 17 October 2022 (TDI): The Deputy Defense Minister of Iraq, Secretary-General Jabbar Thejel Mutlag, met with Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Chief of Staff Air Chief Marshal, Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu.

Several key areas of mutual interest strengthened bilateral relations, and defense cooperation was reviewed during the discussion. Iraq’s Deputy Defense Minister praised the PAF’s professionalism and Pakistan’s efforts to promote regional peace.

According to the Chief of Air Staff, Pakistan and Iraq have deep religious, cultural, and historical links that are manifested through strong ties between both countries.

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The Air Chief went on to say that advancements in space, electronic warfare, cyber, and specialty technologies, along with artificial intelligence, have had a significant impact on the traditional environment of national security.

For cost-effective operations, the Pakistan Air Force is entirely focused on the acquisition and development of these technologies through smart inductions and human resource development.

Aside from that, both the dignitaries also agreed to further optimize the existing ties between both the air forces particularly in training and operational domains.

Pakistan-Iraq Ties

Pakistan and Iraq enjoy historically strong and cordial ties. Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley first interacted culturally and economically around 1800 BCE.

Pakistan has helped Iraq in its fight against the Islamic State and other militant organizations causing unrest and instability in the Middle Eastern country. Iraq has an Embassy in Islamabad, and Pakistan has an Embassy in Baghdad.

The two countries collaborate in a multitude of domains including the economic sector, military, infrastructure as well as cultural and tourism sectors.

Furthermore, Pakistan and Iraq have close military and security ties. Over the years, the two have increased their cooperation against terrorist threats.

It is pertinent to note that every year, dozens of Iraqi cadets graduate from Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) at Kakul.