Islamabad, 14 February 2023 (TDI): A delegation led by the National Assembly Speaker of Ivory Coast, Adama Bictogo visited the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI).

During his visit, he urged the business community of the two countries to play its role in promoting bilateral trade and investment between Pakistan and Ivory Coast.

Adama Bictogo further said that his country was an agricultural country and they were working for the promotion of industries.

He mentioned that his country was paying special attention to various sectors including infrastructure, industry, and IT. Likewise, he said that Pakistani investors should take full advantage of the investment in the African country.

He also invited business delegations to visit Ivory Coast, assuring to act as a bridge between FPCCI and Ivory Coast Chamber.

Speaking on the occasion, Former Vice Presidents of FPCCI; Sohail Altaf, Sajjad Sarwar, and others welcomed the delegation to Pakistan and said that there are huge trade opportunities between Pakistan and the African nation.

This should be taken advantage of along with establishing relations of brotherhood between the peoples of the two countries.

Pakistan has made a lot of progress in various sectors including IT, and agriculture, and can cooperate with Ivory Coast in these areas.

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Former Vice Presidents of FPCCI also called for establishing close relations between the national chambers of the two countries and said that the business community of the two countries should play its role.

They should actively promote trade relations so that the economy of the two countries could improve as well as increase employment opportunities.

Furthermore, he stated that Pakistan looks forward to promoting bilateral cooperation in trade, investment, and multilateral sectors with African countries, including Ivory Coast, under economic diplomacy.

In this vein, Sohail Altaf said that there are huge investment opportunities in Pakistan as it is the gateway to Central Asia and it is a huge market for investors.

He further enunciated that there are huge investment opportunities in various sectors including tourism, agriculture, technology, power, pharmaceuticals, gems, and jewelry, handicrafts, and construction.

Lastly, he added that Pakistan’s business community would extend all possible cooperation with Ivory Coast to promote bilateral trade and investment.