Islamabad, 14 February 2023 (TDI): The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan, Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini addressed the commemorative ceremony on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

The Iranians commemorate the anniversary of their Islamic Revolution on February 11. In 1979 on 11 February, the Iranian people overthrew the Pahlavi government, ending the nation’s 2,500-year monarchical tradition.

Following is the text of the speech by the Ambassador of Iran, Sayed Mohammad Ali Hosseini:


Dear Ambassadors and Diplomats,

Distinguished Guests and Audience,

Ladies and Gentlemen

السلام علیکم

It is a great pleasure to attend here tonight among the high-ranking and distinguished guests on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

I would like to appreciate our special guests:

– H.E. Syed Tariq Fatemi, Special Assistant on Foreign Affairs to the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

– H.E. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Capital Administration and Development for attending this event.

At the onset, I would like to avail myself this opportunity to express my heartiest sympathy to the government and honorable people of Turkey and Syria due to the grievous death of a significant number of the citizens of these two friendly, brotherly, and Muslim countries following a severe earthquake.

I wish God Almighty bless the soul of the deceased, patience for the survivors and families, and recovery for the injured.

Forty-four years ago in the midst of a cold winter, the Islamic Revolution of Iran won supported by the role and widespread participation of the people and under the leadership of Imam Khomeini (R.A).

Following the revolution, in March 1979, a nationwide referendum was held to provide an opportunity for the people to elect the political system of the country as a result of which more than 98 percent of the electors voted for the Islamic Republic system of government.

This is the first time in the history of international relations that the people can choose among the political systems and that a political system puts its acceptability, legitimacy, and nature before a referendum.

Consequently, On 2–3 December 1979, the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran was ratified by another popular referendum. In this referendum, 99.5 percent of Iranian voters approved the constitution.

Since then, the Iranian people have had a key role in the determination of their political and social destinies through democratic mechanisms.

Iranian people participate actively in the political mechanisms of the country through different elections and as a result, every year an election is held in Iran on average.

Throughout these forty-four years, despite obstacles such as the imposed war, sanctions, pressures, and propaganda, the Iranian people could attain great scientific, economic, and technological achievements.

And now I am proud to declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys self-sufficiency in most of the scientific, technological, industrial, and agricultural areas.

Among the others, medicine and pharmacology, peaceful nuclear energy, space science, robotics, defense industries, nanotechnology, genetics, and stem cells are some examples to name a few.

One of the greatest achievements of Iran during the past few decades is the improvement of the status of women and families in all fields including health, education, entrepreneurship, investment and employment, social rights, and so on and so forth.

Women’s literacy has reached above 96 percent, more than 60 percent of the university students in Iran are women and girls, and the participation of women in the country’s macro-management, decision-making, and policy-making has significantly grown.

The government and people of Iran are proud to have proven that; when it’s time for negotiations based upon mutual respect and goodwill, they always respect the agreements and are fully committed to all the commitments agreed upon by them.

Where they face the maximum oppressive pressure, they will inflict an unprecedented defeat on the founders of economic terrorism with maximum and heroic resistance and endurance, and when there is the matter of the violation of their rights and aggression by the hostile sides, they have defended the security of their country with courage and determination.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has played an incomparable role in ensuring the stability and security of the region and the world with heroic sacrifices at the forefront of the fight against the ominous phenomenon of terrorism, extremism, and drug trafficking.

Iran has paid a heavy cost in this way and sacrificed valuable lives in the fight against the aforementioned plights.

We commemorate the memory of Iran’s national heroes who sacrificed their precious lives and body to ensure peace and security in the country, region, and the world.

We appreciate the martyrs of the two countries who defended their homeland and devoted themselves to the fight against terrorism and extremism.

During the last few years, with the will and determination of the officials of the two friendly, brotherly, and neighboring countries of Iran and Pakistan, the pace of the ties and relations, have been accelerated in various fields.

Over the past three years, despite the pandemics, we had the honor to inaugurate two new border crossings at the common borders of Pishin-Mand and Rimdan-Gabed.

Last summer the 21st Joint Commission of Economic Cooperation was successfully held in Islamabad. In the year 2022, more than five exclusive trade exhibitions were held in different cities in Pakistan.

About one month ago the trade tariffs for Pakistani export goods were removed as an Iranian initiative to expand the Pakistani interest margin from bilateral trade.

About two weeks ago, the electricity export from Iran to Pakistan increased by 2 times and up to more than 200 megawatts.

In the year 2023, the volume of trade between the two countries will reach more than two billion dollars, setting a new record in the trade area between the two countries. Several sustenance markets and border markets are also on the verge of opening in the near future.

With this in mind, opportunities are galore between the two countries. Tourism needs to be expanded in all areas beyond religious tourism including hearth and medicine, sightseeing, common heritage, entertainment, and so on.

The private sectors of the two countries should be strengthened and supported by the positive approach of the officials. People-to-people recognition and contacts are of significant importance and need to be regarded.

Banking relations, the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, and cooperation in the energy sector are among the issues that should be taken into account with a positive and constructive mindset.

Iran enjoys a geographically strategic location in the region, enormous natural resources, a competitive and economical energy basket, human resources, and a large potential market.

It makes an incomparable capacity to develop and expand the all-around economic and trade cooperation in all fields with all the countries of the world.

Meanwhile, Iran and Pakistan have a collective population of more than 300 million people, along with which a wide array of commonalities and links provides a mosaic constellation of opportunities for the activists of the two countries.

Past and present are the harbingers of a bright tomorrow for our dear homelands of Iran and Pakistan. I wish you a bright, promising, and prosperous future with the all-around improvement of the relations and ties between the two brotherly, friendly, and neighboring countries of Iran and Pakistan.

I Wish You, All the Best of the Best, Health, and Prosperity All Life-Long

Long live Friendship

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