Iraq’s Foreign minister speech on Article 14 of Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, CTBT

Iraq FM speech on Article 14

Baghdad, 25 September 2021 (TDI): The foreign minister of Iraq, Fuad Hussein, gave a speech at the Article 14 conference on providing the arrival of comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty CTBT.

The Foreign minister expressed his concerns on the problems regional and international efforts to intensify the concentration of International peace security. He said that to fight against the ISIS gangs and stop all terrorism activities actions, should be taken. The Iraqi force government joined with the great importance of improving nuclear disarmament.

He highlighted by magnifying all international treaties and agreements. It includes nuclear weapons, mass destruction weapons, including the Comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty. He showed distress about the importance to work hard. He emphasized getting off of all nuclear weapons for good since it could be dangerous for human health.

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