Baghdad, 25 July 2022 (TDI): The joint meeting between the governments of the Czech Republic and Iraq was held at Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Baghdad.

The joint meeting was held to review the terms of the draft double taxation agreement and to prevent tax evasion on income and capital.

In the meeting, the Czech side was presided over by Mr. Peter Stibanek, the Czech Ambassador to Iraq. The Iraqi side was headed by Ambassador Safia Taleb Al-Suhail, Head of the Department of Europe.

Representatives from the Department of Europe, the Legal Department, and the Iraqi Ministry of Finance were also present.

Safia Al Suhail, former Iraqi Ambassador to Italy, pointed out that “this agreement is very important in strengthening and developing joint economic relations between the two countries”.

She further said that this agreement will help in developing both countries’ cooperation in tax matters.

In response, the Czech Ambassador thanked the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finance for holding the technical deliberative meeting for the draft agreement.

Iraq-Czech Republic Relations

The Czech Republic has an embassy in Baghdad, and Iraq has an embassy in Prague. Both countries have been involved in military cooperation and foreign and humanitarian aid.

Recently, the official correspondence between the two countries has increased significantly with numerous high-level meetings.

In July 2020, the Iraqi Ambassador in Prague met with Czech Deputy Foreign Minister. At this meeting, the activation of the 2017 MOU for political consultations between Foreign Ministers of two countries was discussed.

In March 2022, the Iraqi Ambassador in Prague met Czech Republic’s Foreign Minister, Yan Lebavsky. During the meeting, they discussed the means to develop bilateral relations between the two countries.

Both diplomats further discussed expanding horizons of cooperation in all fields and encouraging the Czech companies to invest in Iraq.

Iraqi Ambassador also congratulated Czech Foreign Minister on the assumption of his duties on behalf of Iraq’s Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein.