Managua, 15 June 2023 (TDI): Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Nicaragua on June 13 and engaged in a meeting with his Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega.

The visit came following President Raisi’s official tour of Latin American countries under US sanctions. He continued his regional tour with Nicaragua as the second stop, preceded by Venezuela. He is also set to visit Cuba.

United against Imperialism and Foreign Dominance

President Ortega officially welcomed the president of Iran along with a high-ranking political and economic delegation in a ceremony.

President Raisi highlighted that the aspirations for independence, and justice are common features of the people of the two nations. He rejected Western ideas of democracy and human rights.

“Westerners, especially Americans, should respect the system that emerges from people’s votes, but they are doing the opposite,” he added. Moreover, the President criticized the United States for imposing sanctions on both nations.

He emphasized that the US tried to stop our nation through sanctions and threats, but these sanctions have rather ignited the morale of our people. Additionally, he admired the national heroes of both countries for confronting the imperial powers.

On his part, President Ortega commended the role of the two nations against foreign domination, especially the USA.

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Parliamentary cooperation between the two nations

The Iranian President also sat with the speaker of the National Assembly of Nicaragua, Gustavo Porras. They discussed various means and methods to strengthen their mutually beneficial bilateral relations.

President Raisi expressed that the Iranian policy is based on friendly and positive cooperation between Iran and Nicaragua. He stressed the need for the collaboration of the parliaments of the two countries to be productive in developing bilateral relations.

Speaker Gustavo Porras said that our friendship with the Iranian government and people is a matter of honour for Nicaragua. He mentioned that no force can limit the revolution in the two countries, and no power can create a rift between Tehran and Managua.

President Raisi, in a joint press conference with the president of Nicaragua, underscored that the cooperation between the independent states forms alliances. Furthermore, the alliances mitigate the impacts of sanctions and enhance the capacity of independent countries.